Welcome to My Domain

...seriously...it's my domain.

Hello! Welcome to my blog and art portfolio website! I'm not too sure yet what I would like to post here, but get ready for a ride of random thoughts, creations and possible reviews of either movies and/or video games! Terribly unique, I know...

I have been meaning to get some thoughts and random sketches out there, besides using just facebook and the like. I may even repost some old work...which may be new for you but, I think breaking down and studying your old mistakes or taking a trip down memory lane is a great way to learn! Feel free to join into the conversation...but be kind to the people around you, please :)

Today marks the launch of many things. I do have my art on display for the first time in public since High School. Currently it's only available for public viewing on the east coast, but it's a huge step for me and I'm incredibly excited! Please check out the address and location info on the "Contact" page!

I may eventually post a little sneak preview of the set up!

I'm very excited for having my website set up here after many years of having either nothing or a hodge-podge of insanity on here. Enjoy the adventure with me!


Here is a cute little Cactipus for your own enjoyment ;)

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