The Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home

Most people kind of know this quote for those who are considered idiots...I still will associate that to some dumb dumbs out there...but only recently when some of my coworkers were bringing up that quote...I got a picture in my head. At first, I wanted to make the head a house with curtains and shutters within the empty eye lids...but I felt like that was too designy and on the nose. I thought back on the idea of what a kiss can do to someone.

Whether it's a first kiss, good kiss, bad kiss...or one that we just didn't want to happen; it can leave is with a very vacant look. In an extreme way, like a Dementor sucking out the soul of a person and leaving just an empty shell. Whatever reason we are in...when you are in the receiving end, you are the one that is left to think about what just happened.

I had waaaaaaaaay too much fun and detail go into this one, it was a bit of a style test with the hair...I usually draw longer when realistic, but time I wanted it to be short and flame-like. And the face was to be pretty generic. I won't really add this to my "strong women" series only because, this figure is to represent either. Both men and women and others, are left with an "empty shell" moment. Personally, not a fan of kisses....there....done. I said it, and it's out there.

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