Summer Begins!

Top of the Morning y'all!

The warm days are here and I just can't get enough of the green world outside!

This will be the first summer of my online shop, having a normal balance of stuff happening at my day jobs, and when I actually feel kinda excited and positive about the projects + adventures ahead!

I appreciate the support from all those who bought my book and some of my merchandise. Bare with me as I still figure out the kinks and grow what I will have for sale.

Currently, I'm doing a bit of research on how I want to get my prints done and the material/quality I would like them to be on. I definitely would love more feedback about what people would like to see more of or designs they desperately would like to have in different mediums (stickers/prints/pins).

I really want to try and stay more on top of monthly art challenges and create more series of things so you can have collectables. It's all a work in progress and there are so many more fun things I want to share, but they will have to stay a secret for now. *evil laugh*

Stay safe out there during the summer months, we are slowly getting back to a new kind of "normal" but please stay patience and kind to one another. We all deserve understanding and love.

Hope to update my blog a bit more often and even chat about a few things, not necessarily about my own work. Maybe a few entertainment/news conversations or just updates on some of my summer adventures :)

See you soon!


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