Ocean Dreams...or Nightmares

Phew, this was an interesting challenge for me. I usually don't do this much color or this dense of an image...it's too much isn't it? Few things I've learned from this...can't draw fish...need to practice bubbles so they don't look like flipping planets...and I just need to practice this kind of painting more. At first I just wanted to do hair floating around like loose energy...then possibly someone falling...then drowning...then she became like a mermaid awakening for the first time...still not sure...but it turned out kinda cool I guess. ;)

For a few weeks now I'm been more focusing on single dark emotions, but those can be complex as well and have a struggling balance of positive and negative. Lack of color doesn't always have to be the only way to describe a dark moment....not that I was really having one with this...the sketch kinda started out like that....and then, after talking with my closest friend...I felt like I had a little boost of inspirational energy. Color.

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