New Journey

So...I've started and stopped heavy use of my site so many times because I had too much of my main job to worry about and focus on. Due to the Pandemic though, I was forced to quit my fully established full time job in CA and move to PA again with my family. It's a bunch of pros and cons with this decision. The 3 day drive was one of the most insane things I have had to do on my own. The next steps though, will push me and, hopefully, empower my future more than any 2900 mile trip.

The Goals:

  1. Establish my own craft's business and survive!

  2. Publish and begin selling "Feathers" in print.

  3. Start and Finish new Illustration collaboration.

  4. Spread my work and actually try to advertise my stuff more through social media (ugh).

  5. Continue a decent up hill climb with creating, printing, publishing and selling works.

  6. Don't forget to enjoy it ;)

I'm hoping to work as hard as I can with these goals in mind, and achieve them within the next year; before attempting to move back to CA and starting from scratch again.

My journey not only will consist of my career and craft endeavors but; my own personal journey as well. I have nothing to hide and am not ashamed to express my thoughts a bit on my growing understanding of my identity and sexuality. If you don't like to read those things, that's totally fine, I'll try to make a disclaimer note about it but understand; those topics aren't something you should totally avoid or choose to be ignorant to (not about me specifically)...but it's a very important element in understanding my artwork as well. A lot of my emotional art themes reflect the confusion and attempt to make sense of things.

My intent isn't to suffocate or shove in people's faces my thoughts or perspective but, in case there are others who run into this corner of the webverse and are going through the same thing, maybe it might help or spark a chain of thoughts and conversations.

Anyway, 'nuff about that. Let the journey begin!

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