Lost Love

So, I went to the Getty Museum recently....and I saw some of the statues of the goddesses there and I thought...wow, the sculptor must have been the one who loved them the most...or hated them....because now, they are stuck frozen in time and yet moving forward for eternity, leaving behind all the people they truly loved....why aren't there statues of them? If there are some, who freaking separated them?!?

You see a lot of funny photos online of people posing or kissing the statues on their artistic-days-out...I just wonder what is going through the statue's mind? Is there a trapped soul inside? Are they laughing too? Are they reminded of all they have left behind?

A photo, for some cultures, is believed to take a part of a person's soul...but what about a sculpture? That is a 3D carefully created and cared for piece that lasts forever...how much soul is stollen there?

In this piece, I kinda thought of both Aphrodite and Diana. The blurry figure is a ghost-like whisper of the past she left behind. Who's kiss does she long for the most? I drew, an attempt, of a gender-neutral warrior. I'm also a huge lover of the mythology and stories about the lost city of Atlantis, so...kinda made the lover an Atlantian hence the Stargate looking "A"...which also stood for Terra (aka earth). I have a long way to go before I can properly figure out how to draw the lost whisper of a person...but I'm quite happy with how this turned out....kinda wanna make a shirt out of it ;)

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