Local Booth Announcement!

Hello there you magical creatures! I'm going to have a booth for not 1...but 2 DAYS!

Back in May I had my first booth, and it was a great experience for what the set up was originally meant for; that when it was announced that the same event was going to happen again, I totally went for it!


The Arts n' Craft + Yard Sale event had a mixture of different vendors. People selling crafts, art services and even just cool treasures from their own home! The funds of the event set up, raffles and snacks all go to the local EMS Team in Hawley PA.

So here is the info for the event!

When? : Saturday July 10th - Sunday July 11th

Where? : Hawley EMS - up on Old Gravity Road, above the old rail station; across post office

Times? : 10am-4pm

Who? : Myself + Creative View Points & Design + Paparazzi Jewelry

(Seriously check out CVPD! She doesn't incredible Handmade + Custom Dream Catchers and resin jewelry + crafts!) We will be at the same booth at the front of the event!

What? : I will have my feathers book copies, art prints, Lino prints, stickers and possibly a few extra crafts for sale that day! Art services price sheets will be available if you have a custom request!


I would LOVE to see you all there! Show my blog post from your phone and get a FREE STICKER!

Support Local Artists and Businesses!

without wax,


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