If There Wasn't Rain, There Wouldn't Be Flowers...

At first I saw the big hair as a shape for an actual cloud for a rain storm...raining down and making the flowers grow at her feet....Actually, I might still do that version, but this is what decided to come out of my hand that day. I saw a beautiful pose of a bald black woman in a dress that practically ate her feet at the bottom...she looked like a flower drying to grow out of the ground to me....and she was missing the big poofy hair I love so much. I integrated the feel ing of a lost soul looking out from the darkness, much like the famous creatures in the Kingdom Hearts video games, but, there is still a whole lot of chaotic swirls of color and energy going on within a person who is struggling with their own rain storms.

I had no idea that the plans on the bottom of the dress would have such a vibrant and 3D-ish affect until I changed to a more classic brush&paint feeling. Now that I have this image out, I feel like I see more and more of people's inner gardens trying to come out from the inner darkness. This piece is a bit of a "strong women" + "carving out the darkness" in my series, but what leans her away from strong women is that, the iconic tattoos of the other women's pieces aren't the key dominant factor....It's her patterns and colors as a whole.

This is kind of the state of mind I'm in at the moment...at the edge of the darkness but constantly being reminded of the colors that I shouldn't let drown in negativity. The darkness could also not just be my own, I sometime spend days trying to figure out ways to help with other people's sadnesses and struggles that it unearths a lot of my own insecurities. It's a process that we all go through in life, but we can't let that color get snuffed out.

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