A lot of my work usually is inspired by music or just seeing a pose in a photo reference I love and then going totally wild from there! Drawing is a huge therapy for me, especially during some of the toughest past few years. There will be emotions, events, conversations or just a zing of anxiety that strikes; and I look for a pose that expresses what I'm trying to say the strongest, and then I'll create the character and story from that base.


I either use my tablet or water color for my pieces. 99% of the time the drawing goes in a direction I don't expect, I just let my stylus/pen/brush go wild and see where it goes.

Just the right subconscious flow of thought and music can unlock imagery I don't initially think I'm going to do that way. It can determine whether the drawing will be 20 minutes long or 5 hours! Whatever happens, the finished product feels like a released breath that I didn't realize I was holding in. 

No matter if it's my personal piece or a commission, I always find a flow I am drawn into and practically hypnotized by.