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Vitamin Desk Series

My day job is actually as the Department Manager of a Health and Beauty department in a big natural foods store. In that line of work, there is always a lot to learn and know about the vast amount of product that we have...and also to pick up on which customers are; pulling your leg, think it's a doctor's office, just there to argue/compare who knows more, or people who actually are grateful for the work and time you put into understanding their problems and genuinely want to help. There's always going to be those lovely select few that give you an experience special enough to make it here ;)

Cashier Comix

This series is based off a few doodles I made on actual receipt paper when I worked my first job in SF as a cashier (before becoming a Vitamin Clerk/Manager eventually). I had good feedback from them and the employees always looked forward to my posting of them. Now, a few years later, I'm in a similar kind of store, closer down south to LA, and I'm hearing more stories about cashiers and grocery store work in general. I thought I would try and capture them a bit for you. 

The Other Side

This is a COMING SOON project. I wrote a short story a few years ago and it always stuck in my head as an artistically styled comic strip. So, fresh out of my MA program in Visual Development, I gave myself the challenge of beginning with a short comic which I hope to release and send around online. Enjoy the cover page at the moment, but a few sneak peeks to come. I should begin posting pages of it December 2018

Winter 2018


Basically...MY LIFE IN COMICSTRIP FORM. Here I'm going to post a few of my random, nonsensical, and unrelated to anything comic bloops. They aren't truly attached to any particular series...they are more of a quick illustration of what goes through my mind or my life in general. Enjoy the randomness ;)

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