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Here are some books + publications that either I have printed on my own or worked with another creative artist or writer to make into a hard copy. Until the demand is a bit higher, copies will be limited and only available online. 

Feathers COVER-front ONLY.jpg


This story, I originally thought I would just make as a single print book for a friend's birthday. I then saw the story as being a lot more universal and relatable to others; so I made this book become my first self-publication challenge. The book was designed and created into a first print in 2 months however, the actual journey of making it professionally suitable for printing and selling took almost another year after. 

Feathers is an illustrated short story about a Raven who struggles to understand and find themselves. Lots of us growing up, or even as adults, I think can relate to this story about how hard depression, anxiety, judgement and identity can weigh on our shoulders. Connecting those who struggle with these things, in the past or currently, with each other and

letting them know that they are not alone and 

it's going to be okay is what I hope to accomplish. can just enjoy the strange and dreamlike 

illustrations of a black bird; that's fine too!

This is my first printed book that I'm making available

to the public. Please share the story with good

intentions,because it came from a place of sincere love.


Please do not copy and sell online or post anywhere for free. Thank you!

Send me an email if you are interested in purchasing one, or click the link to visit my Etsy Shop!
Softcover $17 (shipping not included)

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